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What is Thirty-One Gifts?

Thirty-One Gifts is a direct sales company.  It is based on Proverbs 31 and seeks to be a blessing to Christian women and their families.  Thirty-One Gifts sells purses, bags, totes and other cute storage containers and accessories that are perfect for gifts or your own home.  You can read more about the company’s story HERE.

Why don’t you sell your own products?

I wish I could!  Unfortunately, I am not so talented as to be able to make my own products or items that are worthy enough to sell.  Still… I felt called to help families in their adoption journeys.  So, I decided to join up with an already established company that had beautiful and useful products I could confidently distribute.

Why do I get only 20% of my sales?

I wish I could give more!  As it stands, I currently make 25% commission on all product sales.  In order to continue this ministry I need to keep a minimal amount of these profits to offset the costs of running a home business.  The rest I give to you and trust that God will provide as we both step out in faith to follow His calling.

Can I start fundraising before making an official commitment to a child?

I am more than happy to begin working with any family on their fundraising goals no matter what stage of the adoption you are in.  Unfortunately, I cannot give out any funds raised for an adoption before an official commitment is made.  If you do raise money prior to an official commitment you have two options:

  1. At your request I will set your funds aside and you will receive them immediately upon making an official commitment.

  2. If you have a ministry or organization that provides a grant fund for your child, I will put your money in his fund so that it will be available to you once you make an official commitment.

Can I still earn money after our fundraising goal has been reached?

Absolutely!  I totally understand that unexpected circumstances can cause expenses that have not been planned for previously.  If you are going with the 31% Option, any sales you make before your child is home safe and sound will be counted toward your fundraising efforts.  Don’t have any unexpected needs?  Feel free to use these funds to care for your child once he is home, or if you feel led sow it as seed into another family’s adoption and bless them also!

What if we are adopting more than one child?

If you are adopting more than one child I am more than happy to do multiple fundraisers for your family.  If you chose the 31% Option I will continue to honor my 6% contribution after your first child is home as long as you have already committed to your other child(ren).  If a commitment has not yet been made the 6% donation will be postponed and will resume after the official commitment takes place.

Can we use your fundraiser for causes other than adoption?

Yes, I am open to doing fundraisers for many different causes, although I primarily work with adopting families.  If you have an idea for a fundraiser please let me know and I will prayerfully consider your request.


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