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Here are some other blogs you may enjoy!

Crunchy Blogs

Natural Birth and Baby Care: This site is one of my favorites!  Kristen has great tips on everything from home birth to elimination communication.  There are plenty of inspiring birth stories;  she has just put out her new E-book First Bites and Beyond, which is fantastic, and she has a free newsletter!

Samaritan Ministries: This international organization has been of huge benefit to our family as we have sought to live healthier lives, inspired by our faith in Christ.  Instead of expensive, and often dissapointing, health insurance companies, Samaritan Ministries offers a Christian alternative to health care needs through prayer, encouragement and bearing one anothers needs in love.


Lutheran Blogs

Concordian Sisters of Perpetual Parturition: These ladies are great! They are so great, in fact, that I almost don’t want you to go look at their blog because they will make mine look terribly underintelligent.  But that is just my selfish pride talking, so really go and take a look!

Issues Etc.: Ok ok… I admit this isn’t exactly a blog, but I couldn’t resist.  Issues Etc. is an amazing radio program that teaches pure, confessional, Lutheran doctrine.  It’s like a seminary education for free!  If you are at all interested in the Lutheran church or her teachings and practice, this is a must-see site.  They also have a written journal… so maybe that counts as a blog?


Mommy Blogs

Life in a Shoe: One of my first, and still a favorite, blog-reading obsessions.  Kim is funny, friendly and her brain is as full of good ideas as her house is of kids!  This is a beautiful family you should definitely go and visit!

Building the Blocks: This is another absolutely precious family you should see! With nine children, and a heart for adoption, this mom amazes me with the faith and trust she has in God.  Also, she takes great pictures!  Her blog is quite artistic and well done.


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  1. Very selfless of you; foster care and adoption is my passion. I have spent my entire career doing this kind of work.. best of luck to you!

    October 29, 2011 at 7:27 pm

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